Players Classic: Show and Shine, Goodwood

Growing up I was obsessed with the Fast and Furious franchise. Sure there are much better films out there, and some of the plotlines are extremely unrealistic

*cough* World’sLongestRunway *cough*

But for me it wasn’t the structure of the films, but the lifestyle. It represented a family that was chosen. A family that was formed on friendship, common interests and cars.

I’ve never been much of a petrolhead. I’ve been obsessed with the skills Ken Block possesses ever since I can remember, but despite my desire to be a Hoonigan, the reality of my car knowledge stretches to know how to maintain my engine, change a wheel, and be a better-than-average driver. But despite the heartbreak that I will never be Ken Block, I still love cars.

The way cars evolve through aerodynamics, functionality and design fascinates me, and I love that once the car has been built there is so much more you can do to customise it, to make it truly yours.

So when a friend texted me “Fancy going to Goodwood?” and turned up at my house with a bacon sandwich, it was a done deal.

Goodwood is a racetrack situated on the outskirts of Chichester (OK technically it has more than just a racetrack. It has a hotel, a golf course, a pretty stunning house, a horse-racing track, a member’s club, a motor-racing track, a few restaurants and a health club. But for today’s post, we’re just going to focus on the motoring side of things!). So as I was saying…

Goodwood is a racetrack on the outskirts of Chichester and on this particular Sunday, was taken over by Players for their “Show and Shine” track day.

Hundreds of people from all across Europe turned up riding in their Sunday best to park in the paddocks and get busy with their chamois, polishing their paint to perfection.

There was quite literally every car imaginable. Old cars, new cars, classic cars, supercars. It was like being in a teenage boy’s wet dream.

over and out,
Amy Morgan