A Day At Goodwood Revival

One of the best things about where I live is my proximity to Goodwood.

It has the aerodrome, the motor track and every year it hosts an array of incredible events, including the infamous Goodwood Revival.

Goodwood Revival is an event I have wanted to go to for years, but whenever that time of year rolled around I just completely forgot about it. This year, however, was different, because this year I got to attend Goodwood Revival for the very first time!

I was originally supposed to go on the Saturday, but having only landed from Thailand the night before I was too tired and managed to wangle tickets for Sunday instead, which turned out to be a huge improvement on the weather front—as it rained all day Saturday!

I woke up early that morning keen not to miss anything and after a slight strop over trying to do a suicide roll, 30 minutes and half a can of hairspray later, I was good to go

Armed with a picnic hamper full of goodies.

For those that don’t know Goodwood Revival is three day festival held every September at Goodwood’s Motor Circuit.

It all began back when Goodwood Motor Circuit first opened its doors in 1948 (on the 18th of September to be exact!) to host Britain’s first post war race-meet at a permanent venue. Which was something which was met with an incredible amount of love and welcoming as the war had deprived the ol’ petrol heads of their beloved motor racing.

However in 1966, after 18 years of racing, Goodwood closed it’s doors to contemporary racing.

To this day the track is still used for track days etc, but the days of wheel to wheel racing are gone. The story of Revival however… Has not. Because 50 years later, to the day of the track’s first opening, the 9th Duke’s Grandson reopened the track and hosted the first ever Goodwood Revival, which days before had been arranged to look, down to the very last detail, exactly like it did in its heyday.

Since it’s opening Goodwood Revival has gone from its original 85 drivers and 1,500 spectators to a whopping 150,000 spectators, all of whom embrace the event to their fullest.

The romance and glamour of the 50s and 60s are injected into everything.
The cars

The decor

and the fashion.

Goodwood Revival is an event as unique as they come with the entertainment to match. People dress up in period attire to watch as classic cars whizz around the classic track, which to this day hasn’t been changed, and relive the glory days. Days which many of us, such as myself, weren’t born to see but can relive through this event.

It’s the only event in the UK which recreates motor sports golden era from the 50s and 60s and has been deemed one of the world’s most popular race meetings….
And it isn’t hard to see why.

The event is split into two areas.
The track, which is where I spent most of the day, sat with my beloved picnic hamper whilst basking in the sun as old planes flew overhead.

The atmosphere was incredible, with people of all genders, all ages and all sizes relaxing in the last of the summer sun and watching as old cars from each form of racing, whether Formula One or GT, flew around the track.

Or if you prefer to watch something a bit slower there’s always the kids pedal race!
Which for obvious reasons only goes along part of the track and not its entirety!

After a day at the track, it was time to head to Goodwood Revival’s ‘Over the Road’ which features a collection of cars, which probably cost more than I’m going to make in my lifetime, together with a fun fair to cheer you up from that depressing fact.

The theatrical backdrop together with the soundtrack of humming engines had me feeling more relaxed than the world’s best massage could. From the moment I was there, to sitting here now writing about it, I’ve been beaming from ear to ear, because even if cars aren’t your thing…
It still makes one hell of a day out.

over and out,
Amy Morgan