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Then I became an adult. Plane tickets became accessible and curiosity and culture collided resulting in my greatest adventure of all: my love affair with writing.

“If there's no risk, there's no story. So feel the fear, and do it anyway”

Growing up, I was always fascinated by the thrill and excitement of adventure and the stories that came with it. Whether it was watching Lara Croft discover ancient artefacts, James Bond uncovering secrets or searching for hidden treasures in my own backyard. I was never one to shy away from exploring something new.

From Old French based on Latin, meaning an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

{ ədˈven · tʃər }


Trust the next chapter,
because it is you
who is the author.

stories keep the world revolving


You see, after starting a blog to keep my loved ones updated whilst living abroad, I developed a keen eye for uncovering hidden gems and a talent for creating engaging informative content. And with these skills in hand, I decided to build a career out of it.

And now, I get to combine my love of adventure with my expertise in content strategy to help experiential brands craft compelling narratives that capture their audience’s attention and action their intention.

It’s funny how despite the fact I’d been writing stories on napkins since the age of seven, I never saw my career in writing coming. Instead, it was a love of adventure, and courage that developed whilst living abroad, that cultivated my foray into storytelling. 

But one happy coincidence, numerous job titles, a few relocations, a couple of marketing qualifications and my own business later—and here we are. 

aka agent m
Traveller, Story-seeker, Founder.

Amy Morgan

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