The name’s Morgan, Amy Morgan.
I’m a highly skilled and experienced covert operative with a long history of successful missions under my belt. Born and raised in a small town in the countryside, I always had a thirst for adventure and a talent for problem-solving and storytelling. So after excelling in training, I left the [REDACTED] and spent years honing my skills in the art of espionage and strategy.

Now, I am a seasoned professional, able to blend into any environment and gather intelligence without being detected. A skill that has saved my client’s marketing on numerous occasions. When I’m not on a mission, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, exploring the world through flavours and staying active through various outdoor activities.


Who are you?

I’m based in London, but operate globally. 


Where are you located?

Honestly? It just felt like the perfect spin for my business. When I was compiling my service offerings I realised that initially there wasn’t a simple way to describe what I do. My service encapsulates that of a Mystery Shopper meets Marketer meets Copywriter meets Content and Brand Strategist—and honestly, it felt like WAY too many things to try and categorise into one thing. But then, I was watching old spy movies when I realised that my service offering had the same vibe: I work undercover, gain intelligence for my clients and use that to shape and execute future missions. And from there, the idea was born!


Why did you go with an espionage theme?

Every mission is unique. Because of this, my first step is to gather intelligence. For this, we’ll jump on a discovery call so that I can learn more about you, your business and what problems you’re trying to solve or goals you’re trying to achieve. I’ll then send across a tailored proposal and if you’re ready to kick off the mission you’ll receive a contract to sign and an invoice for 50% of the project fee—and then we’ll get started!


What does your process look like?

You can learn more about my service offering on my service page. Alternatively, if you have a bespoke project you’d like to collaborate on, tell me more about it on the contact page and we’ll go from there!


How can I work with you?

Everybody knows the first rule of the spy code is that you do not talk about the spy code. But as the cat’s already out of the bag, I’ll tell you... The secret code is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the world of espionage. Unfortunately, it can't just be given out to any Tom, Dick or Harry. For that, you'll have to earn your way into the inner circle and prove your worth… Good luck!


I heard that spies have a secret code. How do I learn it?