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My mission (should you choose to accept it): is to expose the enemy (lacklustre experiences) by gathering intel on every touchpoint, identifying vulnerabilities in your customer satisfaction, and crafting a strategic roadmap where repeat purchases become standard protocol.  Ready to crack the code on how to truly win over your customers?

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From the age of five, I was obsessed with two things: stories and finding things. Although, in reality, I was less "Lara Croft'' and more “helping my mum find her misplaced keys”. This experience taught me a valuable lesson: sometimes, the most valuable things are right under our noses. That's why I shifted my focus from hunting elusive treasures to uncovering hidden potential within customer experiences and helping businesses unlock their true value.

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It’s funny how despite the fact I’d been writing stories on napkins since the age of seven, I never saw a career in storytelling coming. Instead, it was a love of adventure and courage that developed while living in Bangkok for a year, that cultivated my foray into evaluating and documenting experiences.

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When it comes to your brand experience—everything speaks louder than words.

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