Pickwell Farm Pumpkin Picking!

Autumn is a wonderful time. Darkness falls quickly, evenings feel cosier and you can snuggle beneath a million layers. But aside from being able to get into your pyjamas that much sooner in the evening, it also marks the arrival of many more wonderful things, such as the crisp reds and burnt oranges that not only line the leaf-covered pavements but which mark the arrival of pumpkin season.

Pumpkins are everywhere at this time of year, whether it’s in soups, pies, those ever infamous lattes or carved out for halloween. Every year I pop to the supermarket to get a pumpkin but this year I decided to do something a little different and head to Pickwell Farm to pick it myself!

Pickwell Farm is a Farm Shop based in Southampton which specialises in produce so fresh you can pick it yourself!

The items you can pick vary upon the season but you can pick corn, strawberries, cabbages or if you’re heading there one balmy October day… Pumpkins!
Which as you can see boasts variety!

Whether you’re looking for something perfectly smooth…

Or something with a bit of character…

There’s a pumpkin out there for everyone!

I’m terrible at making choices so I did what any responsible grown up would do…
And chose both.

And then found another two that I wanted buuuuut it turns out pumpkins are actually really heavy and we probably should have gotten a wheelbarrow from the farm shop before embarking on a pumpkin picking mission. But luckily, the odds were in our favour and a trolley appeared.

So I washed them off

And took them home, ready to cook up a storm!

over and out,
Amy Morgan