Supercar Sunday at Goodwood Motor Circuit

Each year, early on Sunday mornings, the gates of Goodwood Circuit are opened for a little event called “Breakfast Club”.

On each of these Sundays, motoring enthusiasts are invited to come down and visit the track (for free) to check out the display of fine motoring memorabilia, with each Sunday hosting a theme.

This Sunday was “Supercar Sunday” and played host to an array of high horse-powered hotties from past and present.

Thanks to 3 alarms, I awoke early, climbed into my more modest little Volkswagon Lupo, and set off for the track. Others made the most of the English sunshine and took their convertibles out to play.

As you’ll see from all of the people in my photos, it was a very busy day, but a lovely one at that. It was amazing to see such a huge collection of cars, both old and new, lined up and showing how designers, brands, and styles have evolved over the years yet are still appreciated by a diverse audience of all ages.

I love that the owners of such, have such passion and love for their cars that they keep them in pristine condition, not just for investment, but because they don’t make cars like it anymore and are effectively preserving history.

Now… I’m off to get another 4 jobs so that I can afford this little beauty!

over and out,
Amy Morgan