Where To Eat In Pattaya, Thailand

As I clambered out of the car with sleepy legs, “where to eat in Pattaya” was the first question which crossed my mind.

I had just arrived at my hotel after working on a campaign with TUI in Bangkok, and after a swift two hour drive I was hungry.

The problem with hunger is that I go from ‘hungry’ to ‘hangry’ real quick, and choosing where to eat in an area you don’t know when under the influence of impending hanger, can be a bit of a gamble. I mean you could end up wandering into somewhere new and having the most incredible meal, or you can end up not really knowing what you’re getting… All I knew is that when it came to knowing where to eat in Pattaya, I was keen to get out and discovering options before the ol’ hanger set in!

There were a few places which stood out over the few days we were in Pattaya.
The first was a place I ate in on the first night which was located at the end of Na Jomtien beach.

The name escapes me (but is written in Thai just there ^^) and it served an abundance of delicious fresh seafood.

I mean some of the menu items were questionable…

But their Tom Yum Talay was pretty damn delish.

A few days later I was back for more seafood, but this time in a restaurant called Lungsawai Seafood Restaurant (ลุงสไว ซีฟู้ด). The friends I was with, B and Jane, advised that it was a very famous seafood restaurant and that it was delicious, and I have to say… They were not wrong.

We WAY over ordered but somehow managed to nibble our way through the lot.
Opting for;

Shrimp cakes

Deep fried fish topped with crispy garlic.

And crispy prawns.

We also had an array of Steamed Crab Claws with seafood dipping sauce (my favourite dish of the night!) Yellow Crab Curry (second favourite) Tom Yum Goong (lifetime favourite) and many more but it appears that I have somehow managed to lose a massive chunk of my photos.

So that’s fun.

But when I look back on that night’s sunset

I can’t stay annoyed for long, because not all memories were made to be documented.
… Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself to get over it.

Another place that’s worth a visit if you find yourselves wondering where to eat in Pattaya, is The Glass House.

A bar and beachfront restaurant just a short drive from the hotel.

The dishes were delicious and had little unique twists, such as the deep fried laab balls

Or the thick seafood curry served in a coconut.

We also got an array of other curries because sometimes you just can’t beat a classic

And green curry is definitely that!

As most of you know I have a bit of a sweet tooth so afterwards we opted for a berry pie and a slice of New York Cheesecake

Which to be honest… You can probably give a miss.
We only had a few days in the area so this list isn’t as comprehensive as I would have liked but these are the places which stood out to me! Hope it helps!

over and out,
Amy Morgan