Veranda Resort Pattaya Review

“The cure for everything is saltwater; sweat, tears or the sea”
And as I didn’t really fancy an entire break of exercising or crying, a weekend at the seaside Veranda Resort was my cure of choice.

I wanted to go down south for a bit of a break, because y’know turtles and stuff, but unfortunately time limitations meant I couldn’t so instead I opted for Pattaya.

Pattaya is a place most people have heard of (and usually not for the most of pleasant reasons) but the truth is it’s not all bad and its 2 hour location from Bangkok makes it the perfect mini-escape from the suffocating city heat.

The Hotel

The decor at Veranda Resort embodies stylish beach life with a combination of clean lines and modern touches together with sea-inspired details, such as the recycled wood on the reception ceiling designed to imitate the form of ocean waves, or the water features that run alongside the hotel walkways.

The hotel has a range of amenities including a spa, cabana-lined pool and a handful of restaurants, but the thing which really makes the hotel stand out aesthetically is that the hotel’s public spaces are open plan and located below ground level which truly maximises the spacious feel.

The Location

Veranda Resort is located on Na Jomtien Beach, a location which is known for its natural beauty and fishing heritage. Unfortunately, it’s not a location whose natural beauty has been respected. The beaches were lined with litter and many of the surrounding buildings were either in a state of abandonment or in the process of being built up, which gave the area an almost post apocalyptic vibe. The plus side? A good selection of restaurants which specialise in seafood all within walking distance!

The Room

I stayed in two rooms whilst I was away.
The first was the ‘Ocean Front’ room

Which had a gin so we’ll consider that a well stocked mini bar! It had an ocean-facing bath in addition to the rainfall shower in the bathroom and the bed? So large that I couldn’t reach both sides.

The Ocean Front view at the Veranda Resort had spectacular views over the ocean which made for a perfect spot for watching the sunrise/set, but it didn’t make for the most private setting as the window glass is double sided glass meaning you can see through both ways. Not ideal especially when the rooms aren’t very high up.
The second room I stayed in was the Seascape room.

Which was pretty much the same as the ‘Ocean Front’ room minus the view and the bathtub!
The view we ended up having wasn’t great (overlooking a building site) but I loved being able to have a bit more privacy whilst letting in some natural light!

The Restaurants

I didn’t actually tend to use at the restaurants on the site, mainly due to the fact that I love a good wander where I follow my nose until I chance upon an aroma I want to discover more of. Veranda Resort’s location is definitely one where you can do just that because it’s beachfront location is an area which has an abundance of seafood, including the infamous Lungsawai Seafood Restaurant (ลุงสไว ซีฟู้ด) which serves the most incredible seafood. It’s literally just around the corner from the hotel and if you’re struggling to decide what to order you should most definitely start with the steamed crab claws with seafood sauce, the yellow crab curry and some deep fried fish. It’s honestly the freshest most flavoursome seafood that has ever passed my lips, and as you know… I’m a bit of an eater.

Outside of breakfast (delicious with plenty of options in case you were wondering!) we didn’t spend much time at the Veranda’s restaurants minus the one evening we spent at ‘The Jetty’

The hotel’s rooftop restaurant, where we sat and enjoyed cocktails over a rather cloudy sunset!
I had steak and mash because well, basically I just really fancied mashed potato and it was the only dish they’d serve it with. The steak was cooked perfectly and was a good size but the mash and vegetables were a bit on the minimal which didn’t really settle dem’ cravings, which was a bit disappointing.

But something that wasn’t disappointing?
The sunset which ensued the following day.

The Verdict

Whether you’re a couple, or there with friends Veranda Resort was a lovely place to unwind, but… The area needs a lot of work. The half finished buildings and litter in the surrounding areas is really off-putting, especially considering the rest of Thailand is so incredible at keeping the local environment cared for. If you’re looking to head out of the city for a few days for a little hotel-based retreat with a dash of good seafood thrown in then the Veranda Resort is a place you should consider. It’s not a place I’d return to soon but I can imagine that one the rest of the area catches up it may have a bit more to offer.

over and out,
Amy Morgan