Visiting Monkey Mountain in Khao Takiap, Hua Hin

Monkey Mountain in Hua Hin is the place to go if you like mountains, monkeys and nice views. Otherwise known as Chopstick Hill, Monkey Mountain is located on Khao Takiab beach and is home to both the Wat Khao Lad temple, and hundreds (if not thousands) of these little cuties.

I don’t know if it’s their big beady eyes or cheeky personalities, but there’s something about monkeys that I adore. So when I learnt that macaques lived atop the hill, Monkey Mountain was top of my list when I was visiting Hua Hin on a weekend away.

Monkey Mountain Hua Hin sits atop the 270-metre-high Khao Takiab hill and when you approach from the beach you’ll see a huge Buddha towering over you.

Behind this, is a set of long winding stairs where, if you’re lucky, the concierge will jump down…

And show you the way.

At the top of Monkey Mountain are striking views, undisturbed thanks to the mountain’s tall location and sheer drop. As you look down at the waters below you’ll see brightly coloured fishing boats bobbing on top of the surface alongside flamboyantly coloured buoys. There’s even a viewing point where you can stop to take it all in.

But the real magic happens just a little lower down. Because it’s here where you can stop to watch monkeys being monkeys.

Like this little fella, who had clearly pre-arranged to meet his friend.

Just look at the sheer excitement on its face!

And just below that viewing point is an array of greenery, where you can watch the monkeys dash through the trees as they find somewhere to settle for a bite to eat.

Some like to forage for their own greenery…

Some stockpile bananas…

Whereas others prefer something a little less nutritious altogether.

But monkey or not, who can turn down a Feast on a cold day?

A visit to Monkey Mountain Hua Hin is a different experience. It’s better than a zoo because you get to see the animals in their natural environment. But it’s important to remember that these monkeys are wild animals and they will come towards you. When they do, you have two options: you can continue on your journey like a normal person and they should leave you alone. Or… You can avoid eye contact with them and run away so as not to risk it, as I did. Your choice!

After roaming around the grounds and checking out the views, I wandered back down to purchase a chocolate feast. Because if it’s good enough for this guy…

It’s good enough for me!

But if you’re planning a trip to Monkey Mountain Hua Hin, there are a few things you need to remember.

What To Keep In Mind When Visiting Monkey Mountain Hua Hin

Don’t touch the monkeys.
This should kind of go without saying but seriously, don’t touch them. They’re wild animals, they don’t need to be touched. You can admire them, photograph them and purchase food for them. But don’t touch them. Just let them be.

Pay attention to your belongings.
Monkeys are naturally curious and if you lose it, be prepared for them to use it!

Don’t take food.
Unless you want it stolen! If you want to feed the monkeys, you can contact the caretakers to purchase food for them. Bananas, corn and peanuts are the most popular choices of edibles! But if you take your own, they’ll want to take that too!

Take water with you.
Especially if you struggle with Thailand’s intense heat. If this is the case it’ll be better for you to go to Monkey Mountain in the morning, rather than battling the midday heat as there’s quite a bit of walking uphill involved!

How To Get To Monkey Mountain Hua Hin

You can get to Monkey Mountain via car, tuk-tuk, motorcy or by getting a songthaew from central Hua Hin. The songthaew will cost about ฿20 and they can be flagged down from the Phetkasem and Khao Takiab roads. Tuk-tuks will cost around ฿500 for a round trip from central Hua Hin and pretty much all public transport options will drop you at the parking area at the foot of Khao Takiab. From here it’s just a short walk North to the base of the hill, where you can start the climb up to the top of the hill!

If you’re going to Monkey Mountain via car, just follow the Phetkasem Road south (if you’re heading from downtown) and keep straight on to the Khao Takiab Road. From here you’ll find an access road and Wat Khao Takiab is easy to find from here on in!

Address: Khao Takiab Beach, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Hua Hin Thailand
Opening Hours: Daily from early until around 6 pm.

over and out,
Amy Morgan