Teaching In Thailand: Conversations With 6-Year-Olds

This is a conversation that happened today, between me and my new 6-year-old student.

6: Hey. You’re not Mr Richard.

Me: No, I’m Miss Amy.

6: Miss! Not Mrs?

Me: Miss is for girls, Mrs is for married women.

I’m Miss because I’m not married.

6: Ohhh, but whyyyy aren’t you married?

Me: Erm…

6: Do you have a boyfriend?

Me: Yes.

6: Is he funny?

Me: Sometimes.

6: Is he funnier than you?

Me: He likes to think that he is.

6: But is he? Is he funnier than you?

Me: I don’t think he is.

6: I think you’re funny. But you speak funny.

Why do you speak funny and not proper?

Me: Why do you think that I speak funny?

6: Because you don’t talk like Mr Richard.

He talks like this (puts on an American accent) but you don’t. Why?

Me: Because Richard is from America and I am from England.

When people are from different places their voices sound different.

6: Oh. Can you still say awesome? I like it when Mr Richard says awesome.

Me: If you want me to, yes.

6: Awesome.

Me: Awesome.

6: *Giggles*

*Ten minutes later*

6: I’m going to tell you something.

Me: What are you going to tell me?

6: Me and my teachers have problems.

Me: Oh! Why do you have problems?

6: Because I’m lazy and I don’t really want to like them.

Me: I don’t think you’re lazy – look at all this work you’ve done.

6: But I’m lazy in my heart. And when you know something in your heart. You just know. But Mrs. Oh (Throws hand over her mouth). MISS Amy. *Giggles* I don’t think we’re going to have a problem.

Me: Why is that?

6: Because I like you.

Me: Oh, that’s good. I’m glad you like me.

6: You’re cute, like a puppy.

Me: …

6: Did you know I’m really funny?

Me: Are you!?

6: YEAH. You don’t know because you’ve only met me one time, but that’s ok because next time and next time you’ll see me.

You will see how funny I am.

Me: Ok. Shall we do some more work?

6: Yes. But I don’t want to write this sentence.

Me: Why not?

6: Because it’s wrong. It says “I like fish and chips.”

But I don’t like fish and chips. I like… CHICKEN.

Me: Ok, let’s correct the grammar on this sentence then we can make some of our own sentences.

6: Oh man! *Giggles* … I like to call everyone a man, even though you’re not a man, you’re a Mrs. Miss. Sorry you’re a Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. 

Me: Yes, Miss.

6: Anyways. I was going to say oh man that sounds AWESOME. You’re so cool.

Me: Thank you. Let’s finish this sentence then you can write your own.

6: You’re silly. I like you because you’re silly and funny.

Me: Thank you. I like being silly and funny, it’s fun.

6: Do you think you’re a Miss and not a Mrs because you’re too silly and funny for your boyfriend and he just doesn’t know?

Me: Doesn’t know what?

6: That the universe needs you…

Me: What does the universe need me for?

6: The universe needs you to make people laugh!

over and out,
Amy Morgan