Cabbage and Condoms

Cabbage and Condoms is a restaurant in Thailand that many have heard about.

Set up by Mechai Viravaidya, he created a programme called the PDA which has spent many years dedicated to promoting family planning in urban and rural areas of Thailand. The proceeds from both here, and the Birds and The Bee’s resort in Pattaya, support the programme. Dedicating their time and money to educate people, about safe sex and family planning, based on the belief that local people are best suited to shape and sustain their own development.
Its name stands out, and so does its cause.

I had heard many stories about Cabbage and Condoms so finally decided to go and try it.

As you go through the entrance, a winding path leads you to the restaurant, with lamps dotted along the path lighting the way, whilst relaxing music is played.

The atmosphere is very relaxed.
Fairy lights are the only source of light, giving it a sense of cosiness, whilst condom decor is placed amongst the surroundings, subtly showing both a symbol of their cause, and how beautiful utilitarian objects can be.

Both the drink, and food, menu’s are huge, so if you’re indecisive *ahem* like me, allow plenty of time to look through everything! Traditional Thai dishes flood the pages ensuring there is a dish for everyone, no matter what their tastes.

Some of their dishes weren’t great, and I found the Tom Kha Gai to have an unusual liquorice taste, but most of the food was delicious and I would definitely recommend the peanut satay, and shrimp cakes.

Once you have paid your bill, instead of the usual complimentary mint – you receive a condom!
Before you leave, ensure you take a little look around…

Amongst the condom people there is also a gift shop where you can buy photo frames, mugs, umbrellas, notepads – you name it they have it! They also have handmade bags and purses which are absolutely beautiful and would make a perfect present.

But now, it’s time to… wrap this up!
So with food that is “guaranteed not to cause pregnancy” and decor that makes sex education creative, I would definitely suggest you take a visit!
You can find them here

over and out,
Amy Morgan