Sonya Matharu Ltd

The Brief

Sonya Matharu is an award-winning mortgage broker and financial well-being advocate who was looking to make an impact on the financial industry, highlighting how the right advice could make a difference to your overall financial health. She had built a loyal following on social media and was looking for a way to expand upon this, diving into more detail to help her audience with taking ownership of their financial circumstance and normalising prioritising financial well-being as a part of self-care.

The Solution

Sonya and I examined her business and clientele looking at how she could assist them throughout their financial journey, including saving, buying, remortgaging, and releasing equity. Through analysis and market research, we discovered that although there were many offering mortgage advice, it was narrowly focused and failed to consider clients’ overall financial well-being.

Sonya wanted to be a changemaker for this, empowering and educating her audience on managing their finances effectively (and realistically!) making money work for them instead of against them, and addressing often overlooked topics in the process. To achieve this, I reverse-engineered her goals to create a brand strategy designed to help those who were preparing their finances, not just those who were ready to purchase. This influenced the website copy I created, which was brought to life by the talented team at Klioh Studio who created Sonya’s website.

The Results

Amy has this amazing skill of getting inside the head of her clients. She gets it instantly because she truly listens and takes her time to understand you, your business, your mission, and goals. She also helps keep you aligned by offering support and guidance as you go. Honestly, I could go on and on about how amazing Amy is, so just take my word for it—she’s worth her weight in gold and more!
—Sonya Matharu, Founder.