That Time I Was On A Boat—But My Passport Was In The Hotel Safe…

Today I got carried like a princess.

Let me rewind.

I’m currently staying on Railay Bay in Krabi and due to some shoddy building work and a random pile of cement in the middle of a badly lit path—I am missing a toenail and a chunk of flesh on my big toe.

I know, I know. Gross.

I wouldn’t normally share, but it’s kinda pertinent to this story. So after a horrific trip to the pharmacy and the removal of my injured nail, I was left with strict advice: do not get your toe wet.

Hilarious advice considering I was staying on an island. But it was fine. Until today. Because today I was leaving the island to fly to Chiang Mai and the only way into the boat was by wading into the water.

So how do you get across a beach when your foot has effectively been given a restraining order against water?

Well, the answer to that is ‘with great difficulty’ because the man that operates the boat will become very stubborn and refuse to drive closer to shore to come and get you.

But luckily for me, 2 people kindly offered to carry me. Now, I wrote at the start of this post that I was carried like a princess. And I’m sure you’re pitct=uring the epitome of elegance.

But that’s not how it went.

So after wading to the boat to throw in their rucksacks, these two people returned to carry me. Now there are multiple ways they could have chosen to do this. They could have crossed their arms to make a seat for one. But apparently wading in water that is past knee depth, along an uneven surface, when wearing flip-flops is pretty tricky. So instead what they did, is swung my arms over their shoulders, took a leg each and carried me in a much less regal way to the long tail boat, where I arrived to the sound of applause… I kid you not.

Which would have been fab—only 2 minutes later I realised the person I was travelling with, who was in charge of the passports, had left them in the safe in the room, back at the hotel

Now, there was absolutely no way I could go back and do this with my foot, so I got to stay put. But they had to dive back into chest-height water because the driver absolutely refused to move closer to shore. Much to the amusement of myself and everyone on the boat!

Fortunately, the passports were retrieved, and I made my flight to Chiang Mai. But more on those adventures in another post…

over and out,
Amy Morgan