Stoke Goldington Christmas Tree Farm

On Sunday, I got up, slapped on some makeup and set off to Stoke Goldington Christmas Trees so fast, I forgot to eat.

I know.
Forgetting to eat?
Who even am I?

Luckily, Good Times Cafe’s Citroen HY Van was there and within five minutes of being at Stoke Goldington Christmas Tree farm, I had a Baileys hot chocolate

And a garlic, mushroom and cheese toastie in my hand, ready to prevent the rising hanger from taking its final form.

Pretty good start to the Stoke Goldington Christmas tree festivities, don’t you think?
I do, and with my appetite satisfied, it was time to find my tree. So I waded through the mud…

And into the fields ready to hunt down The One.

The trees at Stoke Goldington Christmas Tree farm were split into type (Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce) and height—and everyone knows that when you’re looking for The One, you usually want something around 6ft…

So that’s the side I started!
The family-run Stoke Goldington Christmas Tree farm has been planting and growing trees since 2001—and since 2006, they’ve been selling them. Working hard over the years to create a space full of festive spirit.

As a result, there’s plenty to choose from, and as I waded through the mud and ventured through the trees, trying to find the tree to take home with me, the festive spirit was everywhere. There were adult siblings racing to find trees for the family home, children wanting to chop down trees to put in their bedrooms and people carrying their dogs in fits of hysterics because the mud was ridiculously thick and slippery.

And with Covid-19 disrupting the world this year, it felt great to witness a little bit of normalcy and excitement.

But it’s not just Covid-19 that has made 2020 so different. Outside of the pandemic, this year has brought some huge changes to my life: a business rebrand, a relocation, saying goodbye to an 11-year relationship and celebrating my first Christmas as a single adult woman. Yet despite all that change, one thing remains the same: I love Christmas.

I’m not religious (agnostic if you’re wondering), but there’s something about Christmas which brings people together. The whole of December feels warm (ironic considering how cold the weather gets), it feels exciting and when the fairy lights twinkle and the Baileys hot choccies flow, it feels hella cosy. Which is why a few years back I started the tradition of picking out my own Christmas tree.

I mean sure, you can pick up a tree almost anywhere nowadays, but there’s something magical about making a day of it. About taking the time to find your tree, the action of chopping it down, taking it home and decorating it. It injects a little adventure, a little magic, into the day. And with everything going on in the world, we could all do with a little bit more magic.

So if it’s something you’d like to do, and you just so happen to be in Milton Keynes, you can pick your own at Stoke Goldington Christmas Tree farm, at Stoke Lodge Farm, Purse Lane, Stoke Goldington, Newport Pagnell, MK16 8LW.

And if you do head to Stoke Goldington Christmas Tree farm to pick your own tree, here’s a little advice:

Wear wellies, not boots.
You think you’ll be fine with boots because your boots are waterproof and how high can mud really get. But you will be wrong. It’s muddy, oh so muddy.

Take gloves.
Christmas trees are right pricks.

Go on a weekend.
Stoke Goldington Christmas Trees are closed on weekdays (except pre-bookings for those shielding) so if you don’t you’ll be very disappointed!:

over and out,
Amy Morgan