Jungle Paradise Adventure Golf

English Summer is a wonderful time. Unfortunately, however, it’s a tad unpredictable. But despite the mishaps with weather, there’s one thing for sure – when the sun is out in England so are you.

Unfortunately I don’t have much of a garden at the moment, so the usual BBQ’s and such that tend to happen when the sun makes an appearance are out of the question. Ordinarily I’d head to the pub garden with friends and wallow in the sunshine with a nice pint of cider or two, but on this day I fancied something a little different, and that something was crazy golf.

So I hopped in the car and drove on over to Jungle Paradise Adventure Golf, a golf course on the Hunston road just outside of Chichester.

Crazy golf is a childish past time but one that I cannot get enough of.
I don’t know if it’s because “proper” golf is too serious for me or because crazy golf is enjoyed by people of all ages making it much less embarrassing when I cannot hit the ball, but I just think it’s a much more fun experience.

Especially so, when your local golf club spends three months and a couple of thousand pounds renovating the place turning it from drab and tired, into the Jungle Paradise you see here today.

Unfortunately, even though I’ve played more times than I care to share…
I’m still absolutely terrible at it.

But the good news is for just £6-£9 pounds you can head on over to Jungle Paradise Adventure Golf and see if you’re better than me.

Chances are, you most definitely are!

over and out,
Amy Morgan