Frankfurt Food Guide: My Favourite Places To Eat

Frankfurt wasn’t a location I immediately found on my travel list, but after spending just under 2 months living there on and off, I became somewhat familiar with the city—including Frankfurt food and where to find it. Now, if you go online you’ll find a million articles telling you what to eat when in Frankfurt and those articles will usually tell you to eat:

  • Grüne SoßeA traditional German sauce made with seven herbs (Borage, Garden Cress, Parsley, Sorrel, Chervil, Salad Burnet and Chives) and sour cream.
  • ApfelweinApple Wine
  • Frankfurter/RindwurstSausage
  • Frankfurter KranzWhich is basically a simple ring sponge cake, cut into three layers with buttercream in between with cherries and caramelised brittle nuts on top.

But what those articles don’t tell you, is where to go and eat when you are staying in Frankfurt for a long time, and can’t spend much time cooking because the apartment has no oven and a 2-ring hob which refuses to fit two saucepans on it at the same time. Pretty niche situation I know. But I decided to put this article together nonetheless, to highlight the elements of Frankfurt’s food scene that left a lasting impression on my taste buds!

Ramen Jun

Wilhelm-Hauff-Straße, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Whether you’re looking for traditional tonkotsu or vegetarian options, Ramen Jun is an absolute must for ramen enthusiasts. Serving steaming bowls of rich flavourful broth, with noodles, tender meat and all the trimmings, the ramen is crafted with care and attention to detail and heaps of flavour. The broth is easily the porkiest thing I have ever tasted. Delicious.


Bockenheimer Landstraße 59, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

I didn’t ever think I’d be writing a list of must-eats in a city and include a salad bar. But here we are. Stadtsalat is an absolute must on the Frankfurt food scene. It’s a place whose name I get wrong every time, but one thing that’s never wrong is the flavour. They source their produce focusing on using only fresh ingredients of the best quality, free of additives and refined sugar and offer you the chance to build your own or order one of their seasonal compilations. But as you can see, I had a thing for their burrata compilations…


Opernpl. 10, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Located in the heart of Frankfurt, near the Alte Oper, Charlot has cosy but modern vibes. In the warmer months, the seating spills onto the square so you can soak up the summer warmth, and in winter they have covered seating complete with heaters and fireplaces which make it feel super intimate. The food is Italian and whilst there were numerous options to choose from, I got stuck on one thing: truffle pasta washed down with a glass of Primitivo! The food was consistently good, however, I’ve seen that when it comes to service there are very mixed reviews. So be cautious!

Mon Amie Maxi

Bockenheimer Landstraße 31, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

From delicate pastries to exquisite seafood and delectable meat dishes, Mon Amie Maxi combines traditional French cuisine with a modern twist, creating a culinary gem that delights visitors with its warm and inviting atmosphere. The staff are welcoming, friendly and not afraid of a little humour—with one server offering me a champagne box as a stool when he noticed my legs were too small for the chair and were dangling! And so, when you’re looking for a Frankfurt food spot that’s perfect for a romantic dinner, the elegant decor and soft lighting create the intimate ambience you’re looking for. 

Chinaski Tagesbar

Bockenheimer Landstraße 1, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Chinaski Tagesbar is a trendy yet easygoing restaurant that brings together a fusion of flavours and cultures. The restaurant’s chic design (complete with tree) and chilled yet lively atmosphere make it the perfect spot to enjoy a casual lunch or a vibrant evening with friends.


Mayfarthstraße 4, 60314 Frankfurt am Main

No Frankfurt food tour is complete with Oosten. Situated along the banks of the River Main, Oosten is a restaurant that seamlessly blends modern architecture with culinary treats. The venue offers floor-to-ceiling windows that offer perfect views of the river and the cityscape beyond and the menu focuses on contemporary European cuisine. But for me, it was all about the Kaiserschmarrn—little cut-up pancakes washed down with a cup of earl grey!


Untermainkai 17, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

With its vibrant and lively atmosphere near the river, this popular restaurant is located in the heart of the city. MainNizza specialises in Mediterranean cuisine, serving up a delectable array of dishes inspired by the flavours of Southern Europe. But the Iberico cutlet is where it’s at for me! The restaurant’s team is warm and welcoming, and it’s the perfect place for a long lunch—enabling you to savour the flavours and the views.

L’Art Sucré

Große Bockenheimer Str. 25, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

I found L’Art Sucré when I was on the hunt for a birthday cake in Frankfurt—something which was harder than I thought it would be! Sadly, they didn’t sell any, however, they do sell a range of delectable Frankfurt food such as desserts and pastries—which you’ll smell as soon as you step inside. From delicate macarons to rich chocolate cakes and flaky croissants, their menu is varied and they take pride in using high-quality ingredients to create mouthwatering desserts that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

MONZA Caffè & Bar

Große Bockenheimer Str. 43, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Located in the heart of Frankfurt’s city centre, MONZA Caffè & Bar is a trendy and stylish establishment with marble countertops and classic furnishings. Outside of a croissant, I haven’t eaten there, but it remains one of my favourite places to nip into for a hot beverage after waking up to a sunrise walk along the river. 

Via Monte Napoleone Restaurant

Bockenheimer Landstraße 55, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Via Monte Napoleone Restaurant is one that surprised me, the outside of the restaurant gives nothing away, but inside it’s a mix of warm and inviting meets dark and moody. The food brings the flavours of Italy to life, from succulent meat to incredible seafood and a great wine list (or so I’m told—I’m still quite new to wine so I let others pick for me, but they did a great job as the white wine was incredibly easy to drink, with almost melon type notes to it!). Additionally, they also offer a selection of delectable Frankfurt food that perfectly complements the culinary experience by way of dessert—mainly the pistachio dish. Incredible.


Bockenheimer Landstraße 24, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

Now there are two versions of Moriki—the first is a restaurant situated in the heart of Frankfurt’s city centre, which has sophisticated upscale vibes and combines the best of Japanese and European cuisines. And the other is their take-out restaurant, dedicated to various kinds of sushi. That’s the one I went to. Far too regularly. You see, it was on my way home, and sometimes, a gal just has cravings for nigiri on the sofa. Anyway, the sushi is banging, so I highly recommend it.


Bockenheimer Landstraße 38-40, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

I feel like no Frankfurt food experience is complete with Elaine. They have a few venues, but this particular one is attached to The Flag Hotel. With sleek furnishings and contemporary design elements, the stylish interior is perfect regardless of whether you’re looking to eat lunch or dinner. The menu features a fusion of international flavours, but the winning dish for me was the truffle risotto. It was rich, decadent and oh-so-flavoursome.

Goc Pho

Schärfengäßchen 6, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Goc Pho is a little tucked away from the main street, but an absolute must if you’re craving a taste of Vietnamese cuisine. The menu features a range of traditional dishes, each bursting with vibrant flavours and fresh ingredients. From fragrant bowls of pho to flavorful banh mi sandwiches and aromatic stir-fries, every bite has that fragrant flavour you’ve grown to expect from the cuisine. 

Frankfurt food—a breakfast bagel at Sunny Side Up containing eggs, cheese, tomatoes, avocado and salad

Sunny Side Up

Bockenheimer Landstraße 9, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Sunny Side Up is a charming breakfast/brunch spot which in summer, gets the perfect amount of sunshine. With its bright and airy interior, the restaurant is perfect for grabbing a bite with friends and talking about all your woes. And when it’s time to refuel, they have an abundance of dishes to choose from, whether you’re looking for fluffy pancakes, fresh fruit or my personal favourite—a breakfast bagel.

Cafehaus Siesmayer

Siesmayerstraße 59, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

Overlooking the botanical gardens in a picturesque part of Frankfurt, is Cafehaus Siesmayer. A charming traditional café that serves a wide selection of pastries, from delicate fruit tarts to rich chocolate cakes that are beautifully prepared in-house. But if you prefer to start your day with a savoury breakfast, as I do, they also do a delicious eggs benedict.

Pizza & Pasta Scialpi

Hochstraße 51, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

This restaurant focuses on pizza and pasta and the menu offers a wide selection of classic and creative pizza combinations, from the simple Margherita to the indulgent Quattro Formaggi. The pasta dishes are equally enticing, with options ranging from creamy carbonara to flavorful seafood linguine. But for me, it was all about the truffle pasta—which came with two types of pasta! It’s cute, cosy and the perfect place for a carb-fest before heading home for a movie.

Frankfurt food—pastries at Brixia on a sunny morning.

Café Brixia Pasticceria

Bockenheimer Landstraße 42-44, 60323 Frankfurt am Main.

Another coffee stop for you! This time it’s a delightful Italian-inspired café and pastry shop near my beloved Stadtsalat. It’s minimalistic, but the lattes and cannoli are good—the perfect fuel for taking a seat outside and watching the world go by. Or if you prefer something a little more scenic – take it to go and head to Grüneburg Park for a walk and to enjoy it on a bench surrounded by nature.

over and out,
Amy Morgan