Cycling Around Koh Kred, near Bangkok in Thailand

Dogs bark, cars beep and then the madness of Bangkok is left behind. The gentle hum of the boat engine is your only soundtrack now, but soon your journey meets its end and you arrive at your destination.

You look around and see a bustling market to your right and a bike stand to your left.

You walk over and discover that for 40 THB, the bicycle is yours for the day.

You swing your bag into the basket and with a grin on your face set off to explore.

Cars are too wide for the roads, and you feel eternally grateful that they cannot contaminate and pollute such serene settings. You stop in a local pottery shop and see a local man hard at work. His skill is meticulous and you feel grateful to watch something so beautiful be created.

You jump back on your bike and continue along the winding paths. They’re thinner now, and the thinner they become the less built up your surroundings are.

You ride along and soon shop-fronts transform into fields full of various shades of green.

Wooden houses hover above the water supported by stilts and the occasional ‘ping’ from another cyclist rings through the air.

You continue to ride. The trees are gone now, and in their place are stretches of green.

You follow the faint sound of cheering that floats through the air and discover a local football match taking place. You stop to watch for a moment, and the locals turn to stare. The stares last all but a few seconds before transforming into smiles and just before you continue on your journey you witness the home team score. The crowd cheers and the sound of joy carries with you as you ride away.

The pathways twist and turn and the peace and quiet of the countryside returns. The fields remain, however, houses sit amongst them. Dogs nap, children play and locals go about their daily chores. They stop to smile as you pass and you feel welcomed on their land.

You continue on and the roads get wider once more, the noise picks up and the air fills with an array of fragrances. You disembark your bike as you approach the market and colours, flavours and locally crafted souvenirs line the walkway.

You stop for some locally produced Thai milk tea, and the barman picks up his guitar. He strums away the tune to ‘Yesterday’ and you realise that just a few hours earlier, you were in a bustling metropolis. You’re only 15 kilometres away from Bangkok, but you feel as though you are worlds apart.

The vibrant greens and gentle breeze fill your senses, and as you look around and take it all in you can feel the love of the great outdoors returning to your recently turned city-loving blood.

How to get to Koh Kred:

Get on the Chao Phraya River and travel to Nonthaburi Pier (Pier 30). Take a taxi to Wat Sanum in Pak Kret (Nonthaburi province) and just behind the Wat is the pier with the boats that will take you across to Koh Kred. Alternatively, you can hire a boat from Nonthaburi pier that will take you directly to Koh Kred.

over and out,
Amy Morgan