Come il Latte – Rome’s Best Gelato?

Come il Latte was a place I discovered by accident.
And “by accident” I mean it was a place I purposely sniffed out after sensing the sweet, sweet smell of freshly made waffle cones.

You see, after arriving in Italy there was only one thing I wanted to do: eat.
I had purposely eaten an early breakfast at the airport so that I would arrive in Rome hungry and eager to explore upon landing. It seemed like a great plan, but the journey took longer than expected and to be honest, I don’t deal with hunger very well.

I had been recommended a highly rated pizza joint that was close to my hotel, so loaded with hunger on my side I began walking that way. The abundance of aromas which filled my senses during the three block walk, was torture. Coffee, waffles, freshly baked bread. It drove me further into hunger and just a few minutes later I arrived at the pizza destination. There it was. Standing magnificently… CLOSED.

I tell you, the disappointment that coursed through my body at that moment was palpable.
What now?
It was that awkward “in-between” time at lunch where a lot of restaurants are closed until the evening. But I had an idea. I had smelt the sweet aroma of waffles on my walk to the pizza joint so I knew there was something tasty nearby and, like a bloodhound, I sniffed out the location and tracked it down.

Two corners later and there it was:
Come il Latte.
A Gelateria which I would later discover, could end all Gelaterias.

As I approached the building the smell of freshly made waffle cones hit me like a brick wall.
Come il Latte definitely has an aesthetic vibe. The floors are tiled black and white, vintage glass milk bottles line the walls and the daily gelato flavours are written on chalkboards. It’s easy on the eyes, but even better on the tastebuds because beside those chalkboards, is this:

Not one, but two chocolate taps.
White or dark chocolate ready to pour into the bottom of the cones and over the top of your gelato choices. Magical.

But it isn’t just the chocolate which makes Come il Latte so great, it’s the emphasis which is put on the flavours. There’s an enormous sense of pride behind their gelato and you can tell this by the way in which they source their ingredients. Come il Latte finds the best of the best from around the world; so the pistachios come from Sicily, the cinnamon’s from Ceylon and the vanilla from Madagascar. The result is intensely creamy, flavour-rich gelato which I want to say is the best in Rome, but I honestly wouldn’t know because I loved Come il Latte so much that I kept going back and working my way through their menu instead of trying out new locations.

But can you blame me?

I started my tour of their menu with pistachio, salted caramel and cookies and cream gelato, topped with a blob of white chocolate… Because we all know calories don’t count on holiday!

And it was that good, that I went back numerous times more. Like one night, when I went out for dinner and left early because the meal was terrible (burnt bruschetta and tasteless spaghetti) and to Come il Latte because I knew it would salvage my night. Of course, I mixed up the flavours then, with a little salted caramel (hey, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!) and lemon. It was dreamy, creamy and… I don’t have another rhyming word to end that sentence. Probably should have thought about that before I started typing.

Come il Latte also serves coffees, brioche, tiramisu and an abundance of other desserts. But even though tiramisu is my favourite, I couldn’t pull myself away from the lure of their creamy flavoursome gelato to even try it. So if you find yourself looking for something delicious in Rome, you know what to do!

Where to find Come Il Latte:

Via Silvio Spaventa 24/26
00187 Roma RM

over and out,
Amy Morgan