Taste of Thailand

The Brief

Taste of Thailand, a fast-moving food tour startup in Bangkok, needed a social media manager to help them launch their initiative successfully. I was hired to help them achieve this, managing their social media across multiple channels in addition to taking and curating photography.

The Solution

As a fast-moving startup, Taste of Thailand Food Tours had a lot to offer but needed someone to hit the ground running and find a way to stand out in the crowded market. They had an existing social media presence, but I was brought on board to help them increase this. I dove into consumer research to identify the key components that made their food tour unique and used this information to create a strategic approach which highlighted their strengths.

I did this by creating and implementing a social media strategy that was centred around building a community—highlighting the culture and flavours of Thailand. This new direction helped to increase their followers and reach, building an engaged audience that regularly interacted in the comments, and within less than a half year of operation, Taste of Thailand Food Tours became the top-ranked food tour in a city of over 12 million people.

The Results

“As a fast-moving startup in Bangkok, we required the talents of a savvy social media manager to help launch our initiative into the crowded market with success. Amy’s innate understanding of social media and ability to deliver on our objectives were invaluable. Thanks in part to Amy’s work in building and engaging with our social media community, Taste of Thailand Food Tours has become the top-ranked food tour in a city of over 12 million people within less than a half year of operation. Amy is an intelligent and motivated individual and she is more than capable of managing multiple outlets of social media and corporate communications. As part of our social media team, Amy helped drive the direction of our communications and brought new ideas and strategies to the table that we still use today. She was proactive and never missed a deadline. We are sad to have lost one of our strongest team players, however, we are confident that Amy’s abilities and enthusiasm will take her to new heights and we do believe that the next organization that employs her talents will find them most valuable indeed.”
—Jacob, Founder.