Taking A Buggy Tour In Lanzarote

Taking a buggy tour in Lanzarote was a way of getting out and exploring the landscapes that the island had to offer. It’s something I love to do in every country. Take a little drive and stumble across something new, whether it’s a landmark, a restaurant or just somewhere pretty. I didn’t have a car for this trip, and a buggy tour seemed like the perfect way to see Lanzarote so I booked a trip for the next day.

On the morning of the buggy tour all I had to do was wait at the bus stop and from there I was collected and taken to the spot where the buggy tour to see Lanzarote would depart. At the time of visiting, Lanzarote was experiencing a cloud of dust which had blown over the canary islands from Africa, causing the visibility to drop and the skies to turn orange—and we were super unlucky with the weather as it caused the temperature to drop along with it. But that day, things were looking up as there was a slight break in the clouds and as I stood waiting at the bus stop, I could feel the warmth for the first time that week.

Sadly… At the elevation we’d be departing from, it was significantly less warm and significantly more windy—and as it was supposed to be 25•c I hadn’t packed a coat. Not my smartest move, I’ll admit. But fortunately, I had a scarf with me and so after signing the paperwork, and wrapping the scarf around my body for a makeshift extra layer of warmth, I was good to go.

I had originally booked to ride in the Can-Am Maverick X3 XRS Turbo for the Maverick Rzr Turbo tour which lasted 3 hours. However, they’d overbooked the buggies and so they refunded the difference and put me in the Can-Am 2021 which I thought would be an annoying downgrade, but it wasn’t. It had been kept in great condition and was a whole lot comfier than it looked.

We had a guide leading the way, and after checking our brakes and acceleration, we set off in our convoy—with the first stop on our tour to get some fuel. I’ll admit, it felt weird driving on the buggy tour in Lanzarote because I’m from England and so I’m used to driving on the left-hand side of the road with the driver’s seat being positioned on the right-hand side of the car. But in Lanzarote, it’s the opposite, and so on the buggy tour, I sat on the left and drove on the right. It was strange at first, but after a while, you get used to it (although going around roundabouts the wrong way still feels weird!).

With the buggies fuelled up we were off, heading along the open roads and admiring the views as we went. The buggy tour in Lanzarote was a mixture of on and off-roading which was the perfect way to experience Lanzarote’s rugged terrain. Rolling over dirt roads along coastal edges and admiring the different houses and villas inland before stopping at the marina and heading back.

It wasn’t your typical tour in that you stop in loads of places to get out and explore, but it was a very nice drive. Getting to take in the different views and experience different terrains—and surprisingly, even though we were speeding along, I didn’t get as cold as I thought I would.

The off-roading was my favourite, it gave a sense of freedom and for some reason, even though the centre of gravity in buggies is low and close to the surface so you don’t have to worry about overturning or skidding—testing that and going over those bumps always makes you squeal with joy like an absolute kid.

So, if you’re planning a buggy tour in Lanzarote, here’s what you need to know.

Preparing For Your Buggy Tour in Lanzarote

Choose a reputable buggy tour company

You’ll want to book ahead, and when you do make sure you check the reviews and how well taken care of the buggies are. I booked with Lanza Buggy and they were great. The guides were friendly and humorous, and the buggies were all taken care of.

Plan your outfit wisely

You will absolutely get covered in dust, so you’ll want to take something to cover your mouth and some sunglasses. You’ll also want to take a warm jacket just in case it’s windy. Oh, and to avoid applying your lip balm, because as nice as it is to have moisturised lips in the wind, it’ll make the dust stick. Do yourself a favour and learn from my mistakes!

Listen to the guide!

They’ll ensure you’re ready and will walk you through all the necessary safety instructions, so you just need to make sure you follow them and buckle up for a safe but exciting ride!

Overall, I’d say that going on a buggy tour in Lanzarote is something you should consider doing. Ticket prices vary depending upon the tour you do and the vehicle you book, but you can expect to pay between 100-230 EUR, and even though there’s not much out-of-vehicle exploring involved, the off-roading is super fun and it’s a great way to see some of the island’s natural beauty. 

Disclaimer: This post isn’t sponsored, but was experienced as part of a trip I took in collaboration with Jet2.

over and out,
Amy Morgan